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What to consider when buying an investment

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

There are a number of things you need to consider when making an investment in a property.

Buying an investment property and becoming a landlord is something that can be hugely lucrative, providing you with ongoing income for years to come and leaving you with something of real value once you have paid the mortgage off on the property.Of course, as is the case with any long term financial investment, you need to ensure that you do some research before choosing to buy an investment property. You'll be faced with a number of important decisions during your property investment journey, and making the right decisions can make all the difference between a good and bad investment.

You need to ask yourself a number of questions, before you make the dive?

✔️ The initial cost of the property

✔️ Is the property going to be attractive to prospective renters?

✔️ Does it require improvements?

✔️ When do you buy the investment and the dynamics of where you are buying?

✔️ How much will the rental return be?

✔️ The upkeep of the property

✔️ The management of the property

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